Incredible Footage Shows Planet Earth Filmed From First All Civilian Space Mission

This is the incredible footage of Planet Earth filmed from the all-civilian SpaceX Inspiration4 mission.

The mission was the first orbital spaceflight with only private citizens aboard, and the incredible footage shows their glee at seeing Planet Earth from space for the first time.

The mission launched in the early hours of 16th September and ended on the night of 18th September with the first crewed splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean since Apollo 9 in 1969.

The Earth from the Crew Dragon Resiliences cupola on Inspiration4 mission. (@rookisaacman/Newsflash)

On board the Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft were American businessman Jared Isaacman; physician and cancer survivor Hayley Arceneaux; geoscientist and pilot Sian Proctor; and United States Air Force veteran Chris Sembroski.

The footage was filmed from the cupola of the spacecraft, which provided the crew members with a panoramic view of space and of Planet Earth slowly turning below them.

Isaacman, who commanded the mission, took to Twitter on Tuesday, 21st September to write that he and his fellow crew members were “so fortunate to have this perspective”.

The Earth from the Crew Dragon Resiliences cupola on Inspiration4 mission. (@rookisaacman/Newsflash)

According to Proctor, “a true highlight” of the mission was opening the access hatch to the cupola for the first time.

In the footage of the event, the crew members’ astonishment at the stunning view unfolding before their eyes is audible.

The mission took place as part of a charitable effort on behalf of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Hayley Arceneaux and Jared Isaacman in the Crew Dragon Resiliences cupola of Inspiration4 mission. (@DrSianProctor/Newsflash)

The mission’s purpose was also to showcase the possibility of all-civilian spaceflight, as previously explained by Isaacman to Newsweek.

At the time of reporting, the mission had raised USD 160 million (GBP 117 million) of its USD 200 million (GBP 147 million) target for St Jude’s.