Idiot Tow Truck Driver Cant Lift Smart Car And Gives Up

Story By: Ana Marjanovic, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@prometnezgode

This is the moment a bungling tow truck driver attempts to lift a Smart Car onto his vehicle but cannot control the swinging car and gives up – but leaves a parking ticket on the windscreen.

The incident took place in the port city of Rijeka in northern Croatia’s Primorje-Gorski Kotar County when a tow truck from the Rijeka Plus Trading Company attempted to take away a Smart Car which was improperly parked.

In the video recorded by an onlooker, the tow truck can be seen lifting the black car when the rear of the smaller vehicle suddenly plunges down towards the tarmac.

Picture Credit: CEN/@prometnezgode

The tow truck operator then begins trying to lift it again when the front of the car then falls down towards the road.

The operator then appears to lower the car and local media report he waited for a second tow truck to arrive. An onlooker then reportedly called the police and the operator is said to have put a fine on the car’s – damaged – windshield.

Local media report the car’s windshield and roof were damaged in the incident. An onlooker told reporters: “Oh, they totally broke it. To make matters worse, after it fell, they glued his sentence to the glass. I think someone called the police. They stood there waiting for another tow truck to arrive. Scary, what geniuses they are. I can’t stop laughing. I just don’t think it’s going to be funny for the car owner.”

Slavik Gasik, the owner of the car, stated: “It’s a disaster, I honestly never saw anyone so unprofessionally lift a car, I honestly don’t know what to say.”

He will reportedly be without the car for a few weeks.

Rijeka police released a statement reading: “When the vehicle was moved for being improperly parked at around 6.30pm on Monday on Ruziceva Street, it was damaged, breaking the windshield and the panoramic roof. The driver from Ukraine did not know at the moment the amount of material damage and it will be assessed later.

“As there is no direct intention in this event, It is an event with a number of unfortunate circumstances, so there is no criminal offence, and the damage, as usually happens, is most likely to be covered by the insurance of the competent company.

Netizen ‘adet lajh1985’ wrote: ”Finally a mobile phone camera used for something useful… so that the owner will not be surprised when he sees the car and the services can’t play stupid and to avoid the guilt.”

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