Hymen Repair Pop Star Shows Off Madonna Abs Op Results

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A controversial pop singer who had hymen repair surgery to restore her ‘virginity’ has shown off her latest operation’s results to have abs like Madonna and a bum like Emily Ratajkowski.

Spanish stunner Leticia Sabater, 52, has also previously undergone surgery on her breasts, lips, cheeks and eyes in her bid to improve her face and figure.

Her latest procedure reportedly cost 15,000 EUR (12,937 GBP) and was designed to give her perfectly-toned abdomen muscles and move unwanted fat from other parts of her body to her buttocks.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@leticiasabateralonso & CEN/Telecinco

The complicated six-hour operation, billed as the ‘lipo vaser high definition six pack’, is an advanced body sculpting technique that involves the use of liposuction.

Sabater said: “Believe me, this operation hurt me, it was six hours under general anaesthesia, when I woke up I had to scream.

“I had fat taken from my biceps, back, pubis, thighs… we have lot of fat there. All the fat removed from there was put in my bottom. A mini abdomen plastia was also done, as I had skin that was not supposed to be there under my navel.”

The singer, who is also known as a TV host and reality TV star, shared images of the results of the operation with her followers on social media, saying the full results will not be visible for three months.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@leticiasabateralonso

She claimed: “You won’t be able to tell if it was done in the operating theatre or the gym!”

Before the operation, which she underwent in Barcelona, Sabater claimed: “I will have the abs of Madonna, the hips of Kim Basinger and the bum of Emily Ratajkowski!”

The singer, who first found fame as a children’s TV presenter, made headlines in 2015 when she underwent an operation to restore her hymen at the age of 48.

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