Husband And Teen In-Laws Drown As They Play In Water

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This is the moment a man and his two teenage sisters-in-law splash around in a reservoir before they suddenly drown and their bodies are later seen being carried from the water.

The shocking incident occurred as the man, named in reports as Abhilash, 25, was playing in the waters of the Bommpaur reservoir in the Jangaon district of the Indian state of Telangana with his two sisters-in-law Sumalata, 15, and Sangeeta, 19 during a picnic.

In the footage, reportedly recorded by Abhilash’s wife Divya, the trio can be seen playfully splashing around in the water, throwing water onto each other.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The women then try to topple Abhilash over and playfully falls into them and drags them with him. However, they then appear to move into deeper water and the three then suddenly drop below the surface.

Local media report they had stepped into the deeper end of the reservoir and all three drowned to death despite onlookers rushing to help.

Another clip shows locals trying to help the trio as women can be heard crying. A body is pulled from the water and a woman, seemingly Abhilash’s wife Divya, can be seen crying as she hugs his dead body on the bank.

Onlookers can be seen mourning by the bodies of the two dead sisters which were hauled out with the help of the police.

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