Hunters Rescue Huge Stag Trapped In Forest Bog

Story By: Anna CasapEditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN/@Vawkavysk regional newspaper “Nash Chas”

This is the moment a group of hunters use the antlers of a stag trapped in a bog to pull it to safety.

The stag was spotted struggling in the bog by two women picking berries in the forested area between the villages of Khoruzhevo and Bovbley in the district of Vawkavysk in the western Belarusian region of Grodno.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@Vawkavysk regional newspaper “Nash Chas”

According to local media, the woman tried to help the stag out of the bog with branches, but to no avail.

As they were leaving the forest, they happened across two workers of a Belarusian hunters association called ‘Boor’.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@Vawkavysk regional newspaper “Nash Chas”

The fruit pickers escorted the association members to the stag’s location and Boor director Vladimir Smolyarchuk and park ranger Pavel Skirukha tried to pull the huge animal out of the bog.

When the two men were also unable to rescue the stocky deer, they posted an appeal on social media and a group of hunters came to their aid, according to reports.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@Vawkavysk regional newspaper “Nash Chas”

Within an hour, seven hunters arrived with shovels and ropes although four of them were able to pull the animal free by it antlers in the end, as seen in the footage.

Smolyarchuk told local media: “It is most likely that the deer came here to wallow in the mud and protect itself from mosquitoes and bugs.”

After pulling the stag out of the bog, the rescuers said that it appeared exhausted and they left it to recuperate.

Smolyarchuk said that he returned to the scene the following day to check on the animal, commenting: “From the tracks, it appears as though the deer went into the forest so everything is good.”

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