Huge Landslide Buries 20 Car Park Vehicles Under Rubble

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Video Credit: CEN/@ederleytorres

This is the moment a huge landslide sends debris showering down on dozens of vehicles in a car park burying them in rubble.

The incident followed a period of storms and heavy rainfall in the northern Colombian capital Bogota when earth and rocks separated from a cliff face and tumbled down to the car park.

After the mudslide, the emergency services arrived on the scene as several residents were in the area at the time, but no one was reportedly taken to hospital.

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Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/@ederleytorres

According to local media, the Bogota neighbourhood is home to many transport workers who frequently use the affected car park.

Meanwhile, the local authorities are evaluating the area to determine if there is a risk of further landslips.

Reports said that 20 vehicles were in the car park and so far only 12 have been retrieved from under the mass of earth and rocks, all extensively damaged.

The workers affected by damaged vehicles are said to be concerned for their livelihoods.

Meanwhile, seven homes were reportedly evacuated due to the risk of further landslides.

Local engineer Ricardo Alvarez said that the landslide appears to be a consequence of the recent storms, but claimed that human activity and water mismanagement in the area could also have played a part.

A probe is currently underway.

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