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Huge King Cobra Slithers In Built-Up Area In Lockdown

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorMichael Leidig,AgencyCentral European News

Credit: CEN/@anymalien

This is the moment a huge two-metre king cobra slithers in front of a woman on her way to the shops in a residential area in Singapore.

The venomous king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) was spotted by netizen ‘Anymalien’ on her way to a supermarket, and she posted the clip on Twitter.

The netizen, who spotted the snake in the suburb of Marsiling in Woodlands in the island city-state of Singapore, said she contacted the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) to capture the reptile.

Reports said the king cobra was eventually caught near the Marsiling train station.

Anymalien said: “I was strolling to NTUC [NTUC FairPrice supermarket] to get groceries when this big girl came out of nowhere. Nature is healing we are the virus.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@anymalien

She included a video of the huge snake slithering along the ground while discussing with a friend whether they should contact the authorities.

According to local media, the snake was eventually captured by Acres deputy chief executive Kalai Balakrishnan who later released it into its natural habitat.

He told local media: “As fascinating as it may seem that a King Cobra ended up at this location, it [is] actually not too surprising.

“The canal that runs below the MRT [Mass Rapid Transit] station could likely be linked to nearby green areas like Marsiling park and waterways like Sungei Cina. It can also be linked to the Central Catchment Reserve, south of the MRT station.”

Reports said that king cobras are rare in Singapore and are usually only found in forest areas.

Balakrishnan said that the snake probably “wandered off and got lost in a residential area”.

He added: “The king cobra tried to go into a hole in the soil but luckily, we managed to get a hold of it before it went into the gap. The snake was rescued by Acres successfully and has since been relocated to a suitable habitat.”

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