Huge Kazakh Lake Turns Bright Pink

Story By: Anna Casap, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/ – @levartgirl

Social media has been inundated with images of a huge lake in Kazakhstan that has suddenly turned bright pink.

The images were taken at Lake Kobeytuz near the northern Kazakh town of Ereymentau and were widely shared on social media.

Pictures Credit: CEN/ – @levartgirl

Local politician Miras Shekenov shared a series of snaps on Facebook for his online followers. According to local media, the change in colour is due to microalgae.

According to Shekenov, the discolouration is temporary and only occurs every few years.

Pictures Credit: CEN/ – @levartgirl

He said: “The lake has long been known for its healing mud, but it also has another interesting feature – once every few years it is turned into a beautiful pink colour.

“This happens due to the favourable hot conditions and the unicellular microalgae Dunaliella saline which stains the water a pink-red colour.”

Pictures Credit: CEN/ – @levartgirl

According to local media, for the algae to grow at such a rate, the region needs sustained hot weather with no rainfall.

Netizens had a lot to say about the eye-catching pink lake, with ‘Ziash Ailbekova’ commenting: “Please provide the specific coordinates, I want to visit there as soon as possible.”

‘Aisulu Ustimirova’ said: “Do not give out the exact location, day trippers will pollute everything and we will no longer experience such beauty.”

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