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Huge Gust Sends Power Kiter Flying Into Lake

Story By: Amelia Guran, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/Rostov Glavny

This is the moment a kite flyer is blown into a lake despite a pal’s attempts to hold him down.

In the footage, filmed outside the town of Rostov in the western Russian region of Yaroslavl Oblast and viewed over 60,000 times on social media, two friends are seen kiting on the bank of a lake.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Rostov Glavny

Reportedly flying a power kite, a large kite designed to provide significant pull, one of the men holds onto the back of his pal who appears to hold the kite’s line.

As strong winds are heard whistling past the camera microphone, one particular gust lifts the kiter off his feet and his friend pulls him back to the ground.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Rostov Glavny

On the third gust, the man is seen being propelled forwards with his friend this time unable to stop him.

He flies into the lake with a big splash and appears to let go of the kite’s line.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Rostov Glavny

According to local media, the unnamed kiter was taken to hospital after falling in the lake with pain in his right hand, however doctors said that he had not suffered an injury and he only needed to keep it rested for a few days.

His friend told local media: “Doctors said that everything is fine, nothing serious happened, no dislocation.”

Netizen ‘Olenka Mola’ commented: “Who in their right mind goes to the lake to fly a power kite in such weather? Stupid!”

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