Huge Fanged Walrus Makes Hole In Packed Inflatable Boat

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/ Russian Geographical Society

This is the moment that an angry female walrus with massive tusks who is apparently protecting her young attacks an Arctic expedition team travelling in an inflatable boat.

She had already made a hole in the flimsy vessel shortly before the video started, and it was deflating rapidly as the team turned and headed for the shore with the boat filling with water.

Pictures Credit: CEN/ Russian Geographical Society

The incident took place by the shore of Cape Geller, in Franz Josef Land in the Russian Arctic, and was recorded by one of the researchers on board the inflatable vessel.

It is believed that the walrus was worried about baby walruses and decided to protect them from the team from the Integrated Expedition of the Northern Fleet working in the region with the participation of the Centre of the Russian Geographical Society for the Study of Franz Josef Land, a group of Russian islands home to the military that is in the Arctic Ocean.

Pictures Credit: CEN/ Russian Geographical Society

Head of the expedition, Leonid Kruglov, said: “Around 200 metres (660 ft) from the shore we got attacked by a female walrus. Most likely she was protecting her babies from us.”

He said they were worried but added: “We were on an inflatable boat that consists of several sections that are independent from each other. “

Pictures Credit: CEN/ Russian Geographical Society

The aggressive walrus first had pierced one section of the boat, and then proceeded to another part of the boat.

The initial thought was that the boat simply hit an ice floe but soon members of the expedition realised that it was in fact an overprotective walrus.

Kruglov added: “The boat was blowing off rapidly. We made an attempt to scare off mama walrus with oars.”

The team barely made it to the shore, as it scooped out ice-cold water from the boat, with Kruglov admitting that they got really lucky.

The video of the incident that was released by the Russian Geographical Society has got a lot of media attention, hitting more than 30,000 views within the first day of release.

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