Huge Crash Just Before Finish Line Totals Buggies

Story By: Anastasia Tsougka, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Golder’s News & Sport Ltd.

This footage shows a huge crash between French and Russian contestants in the Africa Eco Race just before the finish line but that luckily left all contestants involved uninjured.

The accident occurred at the finish line of the 7th stage of the rally, which ran from North Station to Chami, a department in Mauritania, northwest Africa. 

Video credit: Golders/Africa Eco Race

In the video, a yellow boogie being driven by Frenchmen Dominique Laure and Christophe Crespo can be seen in the lead as it approaches the finish line.

A black boogie being driven by Russians Sergey and Aleksandr Kuprianov then comes speeding into shot and skids into the French team’s boogie.

Both vehicles are sent spectacularly flipping through the sand in the collision as onlookers at the finish line run for safety.

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Picture credits: Golders/Africa Eco Race

The four people involved, the drivers and their co-drivers, somehow escaped unscathed from the accident, according to reports.

Neither team managed to finish the stage, while Dominique Laure and Christophe Crespo were leading the overall classification. Frenchmen Jean Pierre Strugo and Francois Borsotto currently head the overall classification.

Both boogies were reportedly totally destroyed in the incident.

The Africa Eco Race is an annual rally held in Northern Africa, as an answer to the cancellation of 2008 Dakar Rally, and the subsequent moving of the rally to South America.

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