Huge Copper Door Topples Over On Hapless Chauffeur

Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

This is the shocking moment a massive copper door falls off its hinges and crushes a chauffeur to death.

The faulty door was located at the entrance to a mansion in the prefecture-level city of Yantai in China’s Shandong Peninsula in north-eastern Shandong Province, and the accident happened on Saturday, 15th January.

CCTV images of the tragic event show how the unfortunate chauffeur pushes what appears to be a folding bike towards the door, which he then opens wide so that he can get through without scratching the door or the bike.

Iron door falls over man in Yantai, China, on 15th January 2022. (150221941/AsiaWire )

But as he tries to close the door, it breaks free and starts to slowly topple towards him. Apparently unaware how heavy it is, instead of getting out of the way, the chauffeur tries to stop the door from falling over, but its massive weight crushes him into the ground.

The man is then seen struggling underneath the heavy door, which he is unable to throw off, for a number of seconds before the clip ends.

The man was reported to have suffered severe injuries in the accident, and he later died as a result.

Seconds before iron door falls over man in Yantai, China, on 15th January 2022. (150221941/AsiaWire)

Local media reported that similar problems had been noted on several doors in the community, and police are investigating possible negligence charges against the luxury building managers.

The victim’s family members are reportedly waiting for a ruling on whether the managers of the property or the door makers were at fault so that they can demand compensation to cover medical costs, funeral costs and maintenance.