Hubby Test Drives SUV In River, Wife And Kid Swept Away

Story By: Buli Liang, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsiaWire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a husband who drove his new SUV into a river to test it was rescued while his wife and daughter who were left inside were swept away.

The incident took place near the town of Baishuiyang in the south-eastern Chinese province of Fujian, known for its mountains and coastal cities.

According to local media, 38-year-old Mr Liang drove his Ford SUV into the river with his unnamed 34-year-old wife and six-year-old daughter in the vehicle with him.

Liang, who is a member of a local driving association, reportedly wanted to test the SUV’s capabilities and slowly entered the 50-metre-wide river to see if he could reach the other side.

Although the water appeared calm and shallow, reports said that the vehicle sank in a deep spot and quickly became submerged.

Sadly, the strong underwater currents swept Liang’s wife and young daughter away and they have not been found yet.

However, it is considered extremely unlikely that they would have survived, according to local media.

Liang escaped from the sinking SUV and managed to wait on the vehicle’s roof for help to come, as seen in the footage when a raft arrives to rescue him.

In other scenes, the SUV is towed out of the river and a rescuer uses a Jet Ski to search the riverbed for the missing wife and daughter.

It is unclear why one Jet Ski rider circles in the river although it could be to try and cause a disturbancer to bring up a body from the river bottom.

According to reports, when the rescue team arrived, he was reportedly in shock after losing his young family in an instant.

Liang was taken to the riverbank when he broke down in tears and cried: “My wife and daughter are still in the river, they were swept away.”

The search operation continues.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire