Hubby Rams Divorcing Wife And Tries To Hack Her To Death

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This is the moment a man rams his scooter into the back of his estranged wife in front of her divorce lawyer and then allegedly tries to hack her to death minutes before their hearing.

The incident happened earlier this month in the county of Fogang, which is in Qingyuan City in China’s southern Guangdong Province.

Traffic camera footage shows the suspect, surnamed Chen, riding his scooter along the pavement and slamming into the back of his wife, Ms Liu, sending her flying several feet along the ground.

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She had reportedly been to see her divorce lawyer and was walking with him to the courthouse where their separation trial was to take place that morning.

The video shows Ms Liu’s lawyer jumping out the way of the scooter, which crashes into the back of a parked car. He then runs for his life when Chen comes running at his wantaway spouse armed with a sickle.

The footage shows him taking a swing at his wife but being stopped by nearby resident Zhang Shaobo and three of his friends.

Mr Zhang, 56, manages to push Chen away, allowing his wife to escape.

Mr Zhang recalled: “After the crash, the man began screaming: ‘Hack her to death! Hack her to death!’

“He ran towards her with the blade in his hand.

“I grabbed his hand and disarmed him. Other people around me then pinned him to the ground.

“We called the police, and officers with the Chengdong Police Station came to handle the incident.”

Chen was arrested at the scene, while Ms Liu was taken to hospital with head and facial injuries.

She is not in any life-threatening condition.

The authorities are still investigating the case.

The new date for the couple’s divorce trial has not been disclosed.

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