Maid Stole Influencers Wedding Ring And Bling Worth 23K

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News


Gorgeous Russian influencer Aida Aliyeva claims her housekeeper stole 22,775 GBP worth of jewellery including her wedding ring.

The brunette beauty blogger told her 1.7 million Instagram followers that she reported the incident to the police on 10th April after items at her home in the western Russian capital Moscow were allegedly stolen.

At the time of the incident, which took place a few months before she eventually reported it, Aliyeva had been moving out of her apartment to live with her father and her housekeeper was helping.

According to reports, the Russian influencer soon noticed that two Swiss watches were missing as well as two diamond rings, a topaz ring worth and even her wedding ring.

Several valuable items which belonged to her father were also allegedly stolen by the housekeeper.

The total amount of the stolen items has been valued at 2.1 million RUB (22,775 GBP), according to local media.

Aliyeva reportedly contacted her employee to give her the chance to return the items which she agreed to do.


However, as she was scared about how Aliyeva’s father would react, she insisted on returning the items through a third party.

According to the influencer, her housekeeper soon went quiet and stopped replying to messages so she reported the incident to the police.

The suspect, a 34-year-old unnamed woman from Turkmenistan,was arrested the following day and has admitted to the robbery, according to reports.

The defendant is currently awaiting trial.