Houdini Baby Rabbit Launches Miracle Escape From Cage

Story BySimon GloverSub Editor: Conor Sheils, AgencyAsia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire/@myuu_Gt

This is the moment a baby rabbit ‘pulled a Houdini’ and carried out a near-impossible escape through a one inch gap in its cage.

The clip, filmed at an unknown location in Japan, shows the pet rabbit squeezing its entire body through a tiny hole of about one inch square.

In the heartwarming clip, the rabbit is filmed first pushing its nose through the gap.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Seconds later the cute fluffy critter manages to fit its head through the gap before finally forcing its entire body through the small opening.

The clip then shows the loveable rabbit exploring its new surroundings as it celebrates its daring escape.

The bunny’s heartwarming bid for freedom has already notched up an incredible 5.84 million views on Twitter.

The video was shared online by Twitter user ‘myuu_Gt’ with the simple comment: “You’re kidding me!”

It prompted an avalanche of comments from amazed viewers with many stunned by the rabbit’s Houdini-like antics.

Comments included: “Rabbits are liquid??”, “It’s magic!”, “This cage doesn’t do its job at all” and “You should put it in a hamster cage instead.”

Netizens also posted their own videos of escapologist rabbits, and other pets, performing similarly seemingly impossible feats.

Rabbits are renowned for their quick wits and ability to get out of tight corners which they need in the wild to escape their many predators.

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