Hotel Where Thai King Is Cooped Up With Sex Soldiers

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This is the luxury hotel packed with cash and treasures where Thai King Rama X is reportedly cooped up in a specially built “pleasure room” with his entourage of 20 concubines to see him through the COVID-19 lockdown.

The four-star Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in the fashionable winter sports resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen has been given special permission to stay open because the king and his entourage were classified in the same way as a single household.

That meant that the hotel could be reclassified as a residential home and not a hotel for the purposes of the 67-year-old monarch’s stay.


Rama X, who has been the king of Thailand since 2016, and his entourage currently occupy the hotel’s entire fourth floor, according to German tabloid ‘Bild’, under a story which had the headline: “This is where the Thai King lives with his sex soldiers.”

The newspaper’s reporter Max Boddeker in an interview with the TV channel said: “Together with my Scottish journalist colleague Andrew MacGregor Marshall we found out that he and his 20 concubines are still living in the hotel. Not only that, but he’s got it organised with military discipline and calls them the SAS ( ‘Special Air Service’), like the British military elite force.

“They are numbered from S001 to S020 or whatever, and they all get a military rank such as major, and they also get an honorary title of Sirivajirabhakdi, which means ‘The Beautiful One Who Will Be Faithful to the King’. There is also a so-called pleasure room that has been erected for the King which is for the Thai King and his playthings.”


Asked how the Thai King could travel to countries during the pandemic Max Boddeker said: “He has diplomatic immunity and it’s very difficult to pin him down on anything. He uses the freedom that he doesn’t have back home. In April alone he was in Thailand only for 4 days and the rest of the time in Germany and in particular in Bavaria.

“It’s impossible to say how long he’ll stay, he is relatively impulsive and spontaneous. He cancelled for example his coronation day in Thailand. His interest here is the fact his great father was very impressed with the German Kaiser.”

Asked why he does what he does he said: “He is a king with puppets. No one controls him and he does what he wants. And he does that to excess and completely without control. If there is a pathological or a psychological background I won’t speculate.”


Andrew MacGregor Marshall was quoted in the paper as saying: “The concubines give a lot – with the hope of winning big. Some are happy to join and are hoping for riches and success for themselves and their families. Others give in to the king’s pressure to join over fear of the consequences if they refuse.”

Meanwhile, the hotel management says on its website: “The Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl is unavailable for booking due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The king, also known by his name Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun, is often seen in Germany where he owns property on Lake Starnberg and he is also a frequent visitor in Upper Bavaria.


The devout Buddhist, who boasts an estimated fortune of 30 billion USD, currently remains roomed up with 20 beauties. He apparently booked up his appearances at the hotel a year in advance, and a former hotel employee told the newspaper: “It is said that when he comes he doesn’t just fill up the top floor, but the safe as well.”

Thai expert Andrew MacGregor Marshall, 49, told local media: “The entire floor is full of Thai antiques and treasures from Bangkok. The concubines all have a military rank and a special royal surname – Sirivajirabhakdi.

“The king calls them his Special Air Service, like the British Air Force special corps. The harem even has the same motto as the British SAS, ‘who dares wins’.”

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