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Hot Russian Eurovision Singer Talks About Sex

Story By: Anna Casap, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

The Russian Eurovision Song contest singer Olga Seryabkina who often uploads candid photos on social media says more people should talk about sex in order to avoid getting hangups.

Seryabkina, who came third place in 2007 as a member of the girl group Serebro, posted several pictures on which she was seen posing in the shower in a white body where she is careful not to get her make up wet as the water flows over her chest and neck.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@serebro_official

But under the photo, the singer decided to touch on the topic of sex and suggested that many of the problems and complexes that people have come from the fact that they simply don’t talk about it.

The singer noted that she respects the views and cultural education of other people and insisted it was important that everybody felt comfortable with dialogue.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@serebro_official

She said: “…It is because of constraint, understatement, feelings of shame that sexual problems appear. Complexes, unforeseen consequences arise against the background of ignorance. And this is just due to the fact that it’s not customary to talk about sex.”

However, Seryabkina noted that for her the key to a full-fledged relationship is feelings, and intimate communication is not the main criterion.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@serebro_official

She said that when she asked her fans what they thought about it many agreed and praised her mature approach.

She continued “… I believe that relationships only really work when they are based on true feelings. Of course, sex is important, but it’s just a tool for revealing these feelings, for their maximum transmission …”.

Previously, Olga gave an interview to local media in which she admitted that she had not only have relationships with men but also women saying that it was not about the form of the laugh – but about the completeness the experience that includes the need for feelings.

In an interview with the Russian tabloid “Super” in June she said that she had been in a four-year relationship with fellow band member Lenna Temnikova but said that since they broke up, she had only dated men.

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