Reality Star Has Miscarriage After Prison Beating

Story byRoksana PanashchukSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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Picture Credit: CEN/@nastyafitnes

A stunning Russian reality TV star has claimed she has had a miscarriage after being beaten by inmates in a Turkish prison.

The blonde star, Anastasia Kochervey, 25, who became famous this summer after starring on the popular Russian reality TV show Dom 2 (House 2), was reportedly accused of fraud in Turkey and imprisoned.

Kochervey regularly went to Turkey to buy clothes for the shop that she had opened in the Russian capital city Moscow after becoming a famous reality star.

During her recent business trip to Turkey she says she was suddenly arrested.

She said: “When I was in my hotel room in Turkey, the local police suddenly entered and started talking to me. I could not understand them as I do not know the language and they did not provide me with an interpreter.

“They took me into a local prison and tried to make me sign some papers written in Turkish but I did not do so. In the prison, I accidentally pushed one of the inmate girls. She and her friend attacked me and beat me up savagely.

“I shouted to them that I was pregnant and tried to explain this using gesticulation but they beat me up anyway.”

Her lawyer managed to have the charges dropped and she was allowed to return to Russia, according to reports.

Kochervey says the Turkish authorities did not explain to her why she had been imprisoned. Reports suggest she was charged with fraud at first then it turned out that the Turkish police did not have any evidence against her and dropped the charges as a result.

After arriving in Russia, Kochervey felt sick and was taken to hospital where she reportedly had a miscarriage.

Kochervey said: “I was so looking forward to having this baby. The doctors said it will be difficult for me to get pregnant again after the miscarriage.”

Anastasia Kochervey became pregnant from her ex-boyfriend Andrey Shabarlyn in October this year.

Despite his refusal to start a family Anastasia decided to keep the baby and to raise it on her own.

The reality TV star has previously confessed to twice having sex with a man for money in order to help pay for her mother’s cancer treatment.

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