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Horse Seen Trying To Catch Bus In Putins Hometown

Story By: Anna Casap, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/Dima Bredov

This is the amusing moment a horse is filmed waiting at a bus stop and then seems to try to climb on the bus but it then runs off when the driver quickly closes the doors.

The footage was shot at the bus station on Leninsky Avenue in Vladimir Putin’s hometown of St Petersburg in Russia.

Video Credit: CEN/Dima Bredov

The video shows the horse in the middle of the crowded city happily munching on grass by the bus stop. A short while later when the number 45 bus turns up, the horse sees everybody else boarding, and rushes over apparently, also planning to climb in.

But it hesitates at the doors, giving the driver time to close them which prompts the horse to turn and run off back over the grass.

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Picture Credits: CEN/Dima Bredov

It is unclear who owns the horse or what it was doing in the middle of the city, although some locals claimed there was a riding farm nearby which in the past had also lost horses that then ended up wandering around the city.

Online commentators joked that at least the horse tried to get on a bus and not the metro.

The video is becoming popular on social networks, gaining more than 23,800 views in just a few hours hours.

Netizens said the driver probably refused access to the horse because it clearly did not have any money to buy a ticket.

Netizen ‘Victoria Betsenkevich’ commented: “The horse probably realised it was better off on foot” and ‘Dmitry Kovaliov’ added: “The horse was taking its owner to the bus station, and will probably come and pick him up again in the evening.”

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