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Horror Husband Beats Wife And Son, 5, To Death With Over 30 Household Objects

Story By: Sara Zhivkova, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

A husband has been arrested for beating his wife and young son to death with around 30 household objects before attempting to kill himself.

The 39-year-old victim, Teodora Casasanta, was a social health worker and lived with her husband Alexandro Riccio, also 39, at the family home in Carmagnola in the Italian city of Turin.

On the night of 29th January, Casasanta told her husband she was intending to leave him, which led to a violent quarrel.


The man repeatedly hit his wife with at least 30 house objects, including a metal canteen, a ceramic ornament, and a painting, until he killed her, according to local media.

After he killed his wife, Riccio then lashed out at his son Ludovico, 5, using many of the same objects, and reportedly finished him off by stabbing the youngster in the throat.

After leaving a suicide note, he then launched himself off the second-floor balcony after also cutting his wrists and drinking bleach, according to local media.


The chilling note read: “I will take you with me.”

In the letter, Riccio said he is disappointed by his relationship with his wife and declares his love for the two he had allegedly just murdered.

The owner of the bar in front of the victim’s house said: “He often came to our bar with his son, he seemed like a quiet person. They were a nice family. Last Sunday they were all here. He was worried about the pandemic and about his job.”


The neighbours called the police after hearing screams from the house followed by a thud on the street and the moans of Riccio.

Investigators described the crime scene as “chilling” once inside the house. They have confiscated about 50 objects which were possibly used in the brutal murder.

Before throwing himself off the balcony, fracturing his vertebra, breastbone and ankle, Riccio tried to cut his veins with the same knife he used to murder his child, according to local media.


He also ingested a liquid that is about to be examined and is believed to be bleach.

Riccio was reportedly detained at the CTO Hospital where he is being treated for his non-life-threatening injuries.

He is now being guarded in the hospital by armed cops.


Prosecutor Laura Deodato said: “The person responsible has been arrested and we are waiting for him to recover to question him.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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