Horror Drug Rehab Centre Has Basement Torture Dungeon

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@ReddeApoyoFundacionCICORedDeApoyo

This footage shows the horror drug rehab centre raided by cops where patients – some minors – were allegedly beaten and chained up in a torture dungeon.

The rehabilitation centre is located in the neighbourhood of La Dolores in the city of Palmira in Valle del Cauca Department in south-western Colombia.

Picture Credit: CEN/@ReddeApoyoFundacionCICORedDeApoyo

The head of the local police Javier Navarro confirmed they had raided the centre after the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF) received an anonymous complaint.

Reports said that the police found 105 people with drug abuse problems living in the centre, among them 17 minors.

Two of the adults were reportedly suffering from a cognitive disability in the centre which was reportedly “illegal”, although the exact nature of the illegality was not reported.

Picture Credit: CEN/@ReddeApoyoFundacionCICORedDeApoyo

Police reportedly found an underground basement where they suspect the residents were tortured, although it is currently unclear what the alleged torture involved.

Javier Navarro told local media: “These people were treated inhumanly and humiliated. In addition, there was an underground room for punishment and some of them were chained up.”

The local Attorney’s Office is also investigating several complaints about residents walking with their feet chained together.

The Secretary of Health of Palmira Clara Ines Sanchez told local media: “They had marks on their hands and they complained about abuse.”

The footage shows the underground basemen where the alleged torture was committed.

The clip was recorded by local authorities.

A woman is seen talking through the staircase that leads to the basement and saying: “What is your name? How old are you and how many more are down there with you? Please come up.”

Several people can also be seen in the clip walking with difficulties as they seemingly have their feet chained together.

Reports claim six people were arrested during the police operation although their names are not reported. It is unclear if they have been charged.

The minors are now reportedly under the custody of the ICBF.

The investigation is ongoing.

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