Horror Dad Caged For Butchering His Family In 2 Minutes

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This horror dad has been sentenced to life imprisonment after he butchered his beautiful wife and three adorable children, all pictured, to death in a two-minute rampage.

The man only identified as 31-year-old Georg K. was found guilty on quadruple murder charges at the district court of Ansbach, located in the German state of Bavaria.

The court found it proven he wanted to take revenge on his family after being given a contact ban five days before the murders took place on 26th June 2018.

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Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/Odnoklassniki

Georg K. was described by witnesses as a family tyrant who became angry and violent at the smallest of events and details.

He repeatedly hit and threatened his wife and children who suffered tremendously, according to reports.

Five days before the murders the cops were called to the family house after Georg K. had beaten up his sons Maikel, 9, and Dima, 7.

The police issued a restraining order and banned Georg K. from visiting the house and the immediate area around it or contacting his family as he was forced to hand in his keys.

Georg K. managed to lure his brother-in-law who was staying in the family home to protect his sister Olesija K., 29, and the children Maikel, Dima and three-year-old daughter Anastasia out of the flat by asking for his laundry and a charging cable.

While his brother-in-law was waiting in front of the block of flats, Georg K. secretly managed to sneak into the house using a spare key he had managed to hide from the cops and his family.

He then first stabbed his two sons to death with a knife, before killing his daughter and his wife afterwards.

When Olesija’s brother-in-law, who was still waiting below the block, heard eerie shouts coming from the flat, he rushed back upstairs where he encountered Georg K. with a blood-soaked knife in his hand.

Witnesses even reported hearing Georg K. shout: “You’ve made a mess of my life, now you see what you get!”

Georg K. immediately turned around when he encountered his brother-in-law in the hallway of the flat and rushed to the third-floor balcony.

He jumped down, but suffered severe pelvic and lung injuries and was rushed to hospital, where he was put in an artificial coma while receiving treatment.

According to the prosecutor’s office, it was an attempt to escape and not a suicide attempt as he jumped with his legs down first.

In total, it took Georg K. only two minutes to enter the flat and slaughter his family.

Prosecutor Michael Schrotberger said: “He indeed expressed an absolute will to exterminate.”

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