Evacuations Press Ahead As Hurricane Hits Honduras

Story By: Pol F, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency: Clipzilla

The evacuations for the families harmed by the overflow of the Ulua River took place in the city of El Progreso, in the department of Yoro, in the hurricane hit country of Honduras yesterday (5th November).

Video Credit: Clipzilla

Video shows policemen and people carrying furniture and even a television moving through the muddy waters.

In another video, an old man is carried by a cop and behind them a woman is carrying a chicken to safety.

In yet another video, a man explains how a whole colony has been flooded and a car can be seen almost covered in water.

In the last video, a family is being rescued with two babies, with most of their body underwater.

UNICEF said that more than 1.5 million children are at risk due to the damage brought by Tropical Storm Eta as it passes through Honduras.

Evacuations underway due to severe flooding in Honduras on 5th November. (@PoliciaHonduras/Clipzilla)

Mark Connolly, the Representative of Honduras, said on a press release of UNICEF that “this is the worst storm Honduras has seen in decades. The damage will undoubtedly be significant,”

He added that “waterborne diseases are the first threat to children in these situations, and that their first priority is to ensure that children have sufficient clean water and hygiene.”

As of 5th November, and according to official data, 2 people have died, 360,170 people have been affected, 2,776 people have been evacuated, 3,539 people are in shelters, and 200 people have been rescued in Honduras.