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Homeless Boy Clutches Pet Dog While Sleeping On Pavement

 Story By:  Lee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News 

This photo of a homeless boy clutching his dog tightly while sleeping on a pavement has touched the hearts of netizens.

The incident was photographed on Shaw Boulevard in the northern Philippine capital Manila and was shared on Facebook by netizen ‘Jem Villomo’ where it has been widely circulated.

Picture Credit: CEN/Jem Villomo

In the snap, a young boy in a blue T-shirt is seen sleeping on his side on a step on the pavement at night as people walk by.

Meanwhile, a cute dozing dog is seen resting on his arm and leg as the pair hug tightly in their sleep.

Jem said he was strolling around the area when he noticed the apparently homeless boy sleeping soundly with his dog and took a photo.

However, the netizen did not have any cash on him and was unable to donate anything to the poor youngster and his pooch.

Picture Credit: CEN/Jem Villomo

Jem wrote on social media: “The kid lives on the streets with the dog. He never asks for money, only for some food for him and his dog in the Shaw Boulevard area.

“I was really upset that I did not have any money on me to give to him.”

Many netizens said that the incident should be reported to the local authorities so the homeless pair could receive food and social care while others were upset that Jem was unable to give the boy some cash.

‘Mary D Whitley’ said: “Please help them Dear God.”

But ‘Rik Schulz’ said: “So much for Philippine charity.”

While ‘Jordan Benson’ said: “May God be with this child.”

And ‘Adelina Delloro Noy’ said: “So sad…”

It is unclear if the boy has been located by social services and if he and his pet dog are receiving any care or assistance at the time of writing.

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