Hip Hop Artists Death Considered Suspicious As New Evidence Points To Ex

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

The Argentine police are treating the untimely death of this beautiful young hip-hop artist as suspicious after initially considering it suicide after new evidence implicated her ex-boyfriend.

Hip-hop artist Paula Monica Gimenez, 21, known artistically as Gemma or Chiny, was found dead inside her residence in the city of Posadas in the Argentine province of Misiones on 25th December.

Gimenez was at a holiday celebration with family and friends in a house across the street when she decided to head back to her place.


She was accompanied by her ex-boyfriend Franco, 21, who reportedly stayed at her residence for anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes before leaving.

Franco claimed the 21-year-old rapper threatened to hurt herself if he didn’t return to her home and claimed that she sent him images of a noose and a knife. He then asked his friend, identified as Rodrigo, to go check on her.

Rodrigo went to Gimenez’s home and found her hanged and rushed to call authorities. Police questioned the people that were at the house when they arrived and also briefly detained Franco for questioning but released him hours later.


Given the circumstance surrounding her death, the police initially considered her death a suicide.

However, investigations revealed that Gimenez said on Instagram Stories that she feared for her life and felt under threat on 15th December.

The posts were sent less than two weeks before her death, and she never specified what she meant when saying she wanted to be known for music and not for something bad happening to her.


According to local newspaper Misiones Online, some of Gimenez’s neighbours have described her relationship with Franco as “violent” and “toxic”. (https://bit.ly/3rDHsaH)

Police also found Franco had threatened Gimenez and her daughter using fake social media accounts, saying “you and your daughter are going to regret it”, according to Misiones Online.

The new developments have led the authorities to change the title of the case from suicide to a suspicious death, however it is unclear if they officially consider Franco as a suspect.


Gimenez, who was a well-known hip-hop artist in Posadas, was the mother of a minor aged between six and seven who she had from a previous relationship. Her daughter was with the father at the time of her death.

There have been no further reports on the case.

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