Hikers Face Charges For Standing Too Close On Mountain

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Two hikers in Germany are facing charges after they were nabbed allegedly standing too close together at an idyllic mountain summit.

Cops decided to head up the mountainside at Oberstdorf in Allgau after hearing that hikers were packed up close to each other after reaching the 1,786-metre (5,860-foot) high summit of the Riedberger Horn.

It is the highest peak in the local Hoernergruppe mountain range mostly covered in grass and popular already around with skiers in the winter and hikers in the summer.


The police spokesman said that the people were not keeping to the two-metre social distancing rule introduced because of the coronavirus. Those who were spotted breaking the rule now face legal consequences after being charged by police.

At this time of year it is possible to both hike and ski, and some people have been carrying their winter sports equipment up the mountain in order to ski down.


The police said that people had come from far and wide in order to trek up the mountain.

Local mayors had already requested the people stay in their districts, however the police said that while it was not desirable for people to travel long distances in order to climb the mountain, it was not currently illegal.

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