High School’s Green Energy Hub Fixed Solar Panels Wrong Way Round

A high school’s plan to generate green energy has suffered burn out after they realised they had put in solar panels facing away from the sun.

Picture shows an aerial view of the photovoltaic panels at Kocho Racin, a high school located in Veles, North Macedonia, undated. Part of the installation will not work at full capacity due to a serious error in the installation. (Nenad Kocikj/CEN)

The botched set-up – in Veles, in North Macedonia – should have fixed the panels facing south to get the maximum amount of sun.

Instead, half the panels are north facing, meaning they generate much less electricity.

The school – Kocho Racin high school – was mocked by local politician Dr Nenad Kocic, who roasted them for wasting public money.

Kocic, a candidate for mayor, shared photographs of the school’s roof on social media.

He said: “Solar panels pointing north? With funds from the government and the Ministry of Education, the municipalities install photovoltaic panels for their own electricity production in schools.

“Who was so smart to place almost half of the panels facing north?”

Kocic later revealed that the project had been designed correctly, but the contractor had made a mistake while installing them, according to local media.

It is currently unclear how much less power the panels generate as a result and if there are plans to fix the installation.

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