Heroic Moment Paralysed Sailor Lifted To Safety By Crane

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Newsflash/Prefectura Naval

This is the heroic moment a sailor working on a cargo boat is lifted to safety on a stretcher after he became paralysed in his right side.

The incident occurred after the 180-metre (590-foot) cargo ship Ionic Halo, flying under the flag of the Marshall Islands, got close to the port of La Plata, in the eastern Argentina province of Buenos Aires.

The Argentine Naval Prefecture were called to attend to one of the members of the crew, a 64-year-old man whose name has not been revealed, after he reportedly fainted with high blood pressure and suffered paralysis to the right side of his body as well as being unable to speak properly.

The Naval Prefecture went out to the boat, which was around one hour off the coast, and decided to evacuate the man.

In the video, the crew of coast guard boat GC-73, who took a doctor with them, can be seen climbing a ladder onto the cargo ship before the man is lifted onto the rescue ship on a stretcher.

Newsflash/Prefectura Naval

The hook of a crane can be seen lifting the stretcher using ropes until the man is safely dropped onto the coast guard boat.

He was treated on the boat and once at the port he was taken to the Horacio Cestino de Ensenada in an ambulance and doctors diagnosed him with having suffered a cerebrovascular accident.

There has been no mention in local media of the man having suffered from COVID-19.

The Ionic Halo can carry 22,000 tonnes and had crossed the waters of Brazil and Uruguay before arriving to La Plata

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