Hero Waiters Save Choking Customers Life

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This is the moment a pair of heroic waiters save a customer’s life by performing the Heimlich manoeuvre on him as he chokes on a piece of food.

The startling incident occurred at a restaurant in the Besiktas district of Istanbul, Turkey and was recorded by a CCTV camera.

In the video, an unnamed man can be seen choking at a table in the restaurant and his female companion tries to help him.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

A group of waiters rush to the scene and one of them tries to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre, grabbing the larger man from behind and squeezing.

Another waiter, named in reports as 22-year-old Turgut Dikmen, rushes to the scene and expertly performs the manoeuvre, thrusting the man’s abdominal from behind and helping to dislodge the piece of food blocking his airways.

Dikmen told reporters: “I was doing my routine job. When I approached the cash desk to file a bill, I realised the man was choking. I felt like I had to do something. Using the training I had received, I reacted properly and saved the life of the customer.

“I don’t even remember properly what happened. I was focused on the man. I just tried to remove the thing that was stuck in his throat and I succeeded. It is a very nice feeling, saving somebody’s life. I hope everybody helps people in need in a conscious way.”

The video shows other staff members patting the customers back to ensure the food is dislodged.

One of the members of the board of the restaurant, Enis Ersavasti, said: “He conducted the training properly, and saved the life of the man. The most important thing for us is that he saved the life of a human being.”

Ersavasti also explained that all of their employees have gone through the training and added: “The work safety training is something that we greatly appreciate and constantly practice.” 

Ersavasti also said that Dikmen would receive a certificate for his life-saving actions.

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