Hero Crane Driver Saves Girl Hanging From Burglar Bars

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This footage shows a crane driver and his boss hoisting the vehicle to save a girl dangling by her neck from a set of fourth-floor burglar bars after she was left at home alone and climbed out in search of her nan.

Footage taken by neighbouring residents shows the girl, who is around four years old, with her body trapped outside the metal security bars while her head is still inside her balcony.

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The home-alone tot from Nanning, capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in South China, can be seen clinging to the burglar bars with both hands while struggling to pull herself free.

The girl was fortunately unable to fit her head through the gap, therefore avoiding a fall from the fourth-storey residence on 24th August.

Pictures Credit:AsiaWire

Mobile crane operator Li Jinlin was working nearby when he learned of the accident. He and his boss, Mr Tan, drove over to the residential building on Zhonghua Road in order to help.

Video of the rescue shows foreman Mr Tan having been lifted to the girl’s location by Mr Li, who put his boss in the basket at the end of his crane jib.

Pictures Credit:AsiaWire

Mr Tan reportedly held the girl and bent the burglar bars by kicking them, eventually making enough room to push the child back into her home.

The foreman then waited there until the girl’s parents rushed back from work shortly after.

According to reports, the tot was unharmed.

Neighbours have revealed the girl was left sleeping at home alone by her grandmother, who decided not to wake her before leaving to run an errand.

The child reportedly woke up to find the home empty, and then tried to climb out the window in search of her nan.

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