HERO COPS SAVE CHOKING TOT: Boy Brought Back By Heimlich Maneuvre

This is the life or death moment police officers perform the Heimlich manoeuvre on a choking child and save its life.

The nightmare incident took place in the middle of a pharmacy in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In footage obtained by Newsflash, officers from the Brazilian Military Police can be seen carrying the passed-out boy – later identified as Mohammad – to an area inside the pharmacy with enough space for them to perform the technique.

Police officers rescue a little boy who was choked inside a pharmacy. in undated video. (Military Police of the State of São Paulo/Newsflash)

Officers rush Mohammad through the gathered crowd, who stand watching in shock as the boy goes limp in the policeman’s hands.

The rescuers do not let themselves become distracted and proceed to gently strike him on the back while simultaneously checking his breathing.

They continue their rescue efforts until finally, young Mohammad lets out a soft cry and slowly comes to.

Nearby onlookers take a collective sigh of relief as the saviours hurry to bring the boy to the police vehicle and apparently drive him to the nearest hospital for further treatment.

The Military Police later released the video, thanking the rescuers from the 4th Battalion of Special Police Actions (BAEP) for saving the choking child.

The Heimlich manoeuvre is a first aid procedure that is most often used when the upper airway becomes obstructed by a foreign object.

The creation of the life-saving method is often attributed to doctor Henry Heimlich.