Hero Cop Tackles Meat Cleaver Thug With Bare Hands

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a brave policeman faces down a suspect armed with a meat cleaver and fights him off with his bare hands after he put the blade to his neck.

Officer Li Yangfan and auxiliary policemen Zhu Yuhao and Zhou Jingkai were called to a restaurant on the evening of 7th October after the owner reported that a drunk man had stormed into his kitchen and run off with his butcher’s knife.

Suspect Mr Yu, 42, had been kicked out of a karaoke bar across the street for starting a drink fight, and snatched the cleaver from the dumpling restaurant before using it as a weapon to members of the public, the police said.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

Footage shows the police officers in Yongkang City in China’s eastern Zhejiang Province approaching the suspect when he suddenly pulls the blade out and holds it to Officer Li’s neck.

Officer Li responds by wrestling the suspect and attempts to disarm him with his bare hands, the video shows.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

Li recalled: “He had the blade behind his back. When I asked him where the cleaver was, he pulled it out and held it by my neck.

“He swung the blade at my colleagues too. It was a very dangerous situation, with members of the public nearby, so my only thought was to disarm him.

“I got his attention and pulled out my truncheon. I grabbed his blade arm, and he held my truncheon arm.

“But he was drunk and couldn’t stand properly, so I pushed him over and others, including the karaoke bar’s security guard, rushed over and subdued him.”

The footage shows the group of people pinning the suspect to the pavement after Li has shoved the drunkard over.

Officer Li received a 1.5-inch cut to his left arm during the arrest.

Mr Yu was detained for as public order offence and remains in custody.

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