Heartbroken Teen Launches Service To Catch Cheating BFs

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A heartbroken teen has set up an online ‘honey trapping’ service to determine whether a woman’s significant other is prone to cheating or not.

According to local media, 19-year-old Sabina, who recently went through a tough breakup, provides the honey trapping service in the city of Volgograd in the south-western Russian region of Volgograd Oblast.

Sabina said the idea came to her after learning that her boyfriend was dating multiple women.


She said: “At some point, just like many girls all over the country, I believed I was the only woman my boyfriend was seeing. This turned out to be untrue.”

Sabina called the experience “painful” and “upsetting” and she now wants to help other women discover if their significant others are loyal or not by flirting with them via messaging services.

For just 200 RUB (2.5 GBP), she will put anyone’s male partner to the test and has even posted an advert for her services on the popular Russian platform Avito.


It says: “I am ready to test your boyfriend via messages.”

Sabina said there is demand for her honey trapping services, adding: “I get many calls and queries about the service since my business was launched.”

Although some women would like Sabina to ‘test’ their lovers in person, she said that she is not willing to meet her clients’ fellers.

Sabina added that it takes her one day to find out if a boyfriend is ‘rogue’ or not.

In a recent two-day period, she claimed she proved that seven men were prone to cheating through her entrapment service.

Sabina added that most of her clients are aged around 20.

Netizen ‘Stariy doktor’ said: “This girl is so stupid and so are her clients. Not a single guy would want a girlfriend like her or any of her so-called clients.”

‘Serzh’ commented: “I love her entrepreneurial spirit! I can see her doing well in life.”

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Anastasia Smirnova

I am a senior writer and correspondent with several years experience working as a contributor for various publications.