Headmaster With No Underwear Jumps Over Bonfire

Story By: Roksana Panashchuk , Sub-Editor: Michael Leidig,Agency:Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

A school headmaster is in hot water after a video filmed by a student showing him and a teacher giggling wildly as they jump naked apart from their T-shirts and socks over a bonfire.

Headmaster Ivan Anikin and physical education teacher Yuriy Gavrilov were filmed jumping without underwear on by a high school student in the village of Osintsevo in Russia’s south-central Novosibirsk Oblast region.

The clip shows Anikin dressed only in a white t-shirt and socks jumping over a huge bonfire while having a party on the banks of the Om river.

His subordinate Gavrilov, dressed only in a blue t-shirt and sock, can be seen jumping over the bonfire as well following his boss’ lead.

One of the men can be heard shouting: “Glory to the bald balls!”

The cameraman, who is believed to be a high school student, can be heard laughing while filming his mentors’ fun.

Local media report the video was filmed in 2017 and handed over to local authorities but it has only been made public recently.

Spokesman for the local authority Murat Bekhtenov said: “Anakin and Gavrilov got reprimanded after the video was handed over to the district authorities in 2017. They repented and promised that it would never happen again.

“But a few days ago we received complaints about them both again and this time all their actions and indecent behaviour have been made public and are being investigated. Back in 2017 they received a chance to correct their behaviour but did not use their chance.”

According to local media, a lot of parents filed complaints after Anikin and Gavrilov behaved inappropriately toward their children in the Osintsevo school.

One of the schoolboys said to local media: “He [Gavrilov] took Natashka [the boy’s female classmate] by her neck, lifted her up and ordered her to breath out to check if she had smoked cigarettes.”

Another schoolboy said: “We were having lunch at the school canteen when he [Gavrilov] entered, washed his hands and wiped them on our clothes.”

And another student said: “He [Anikin] told me to name the colours during a lesson. After I did so, he said with low voice ‘faggot’.”

Anikin and Gavrilov deny the accusations.

The local Investigative Committee have launched and investigation based on the materials published in local media.

Anakin and Gavrilov face charges of abuse of power and dismissal if found guilty.

Picture Credit: CEN