HEAD FOR HEIGHTS: Union Iron Worker Shows What Takes To Build Skyscrapers

You need a head for heights to do this job, as a Union Iron Worker shows while perched on the side of the 13th floor of Chase’s new banking headquarters in the US.

The video was shot by 32-year-old Harold R Legerme Jr. out of Local 40 Brooklyn, NY, who said he was born and raised in the city and was used to the high buildings.

Despite the fact it looks dangerous he said that he was using full safety gear including harnesses, gloves, safety glasses, steel toe boots HI-VIS vest and other things.

And at the end of the day, he takes it in his stride.

He said: “Certain death or at the very least serious bodily injury are present at all times. It’s an ever-present potential consequence in the face of my duty and task.

\Picture shows the point of view of Harold R Legerme jr., a thirty-two-year-old union worker from Brooklyn, on top of the 13th floor of a building, in undated footage. Harold has had a hand in building many structures such as the George Washington Bridge, Madison Avenue Bridge, 270 Park Avenue, and more. (@blackherostatus/Newsflash)

But at the end of the day you get used to it: “Does a Baker for example worry about getting burned when he is making bread?”

He has been on the job for over three years and he has been in other building projects, including West Thames st overhead pedestrian bridge, The Spiral at 66 Hudson, the George Washington Bridge and many more.