Half Class Of Tots Sob On First Day Back At School

Story By: Anna CasapEditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN/@almaty_chp

This is a moment around half of the children in a primary school class sob uncontrollably at their desks on their first day back.

The video was filmed in a primary school in the Republic of Kazakhstan and was later widely shared on social media.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@almaty_chp

In the footage, teachers try to animate the young students as they sit at their desks without around half of them crying uncontrollably.

One little girl even gets to her feet and walks over to the cameraperson to sweetly ask for her mother.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@almaty_chp

Meanwhile, the teachers try in vain to motivate the tots, but their efforts are unsuccessful and at one point the students’ cries even drown out a teacher’s voice as she tries to restore order in the class.

Netizen ‘Steblyakovvaleri’ commented: “The school desks are meant for two students but they have put three together, they won’t be able to study without getting in the way of each other.”

Pictures Credit: CEN/@almaty_chp

‘Tatianabobrova488’ said: “The kids are in unfamiliar surroundings, they are still a little bit scared of their new teachers. They should do interesting games and activities with them.”

An anonymous netizen wrote: “Hopefully, the children will come to love their teachers in time. In primary schools, teachers should never be strict.”

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