Gurus Followers Told He Ascended To Astral Plane As Being Of Light When In Reality He Was Buried In A Shallow Grave

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Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

The body of a guru who claimed that aliens existed and whose followers were told he had ascended to a new plane of light has been found buried in a shallow grave in his girlfriend’s back garden.

The body of Daniel Cipolat, 60, an Argentine guru who had been living in Mexico for over a decade, was found buried in the garden of his girlfriend who also served as his secretary, Linda Uribe, in Cancun in Mexico on 23rd September, according to police.

On the day he supposedly died, on his Facebook profile where he has more than 500,000 followers, according to Spanish newspaper El Pais, she allegedly posted the message saying: “Daniel, our teacher and guide, was reborn again today in the fullness and integration of light. To be reborn because he always taught us that ‘being born’ in this life was actually dying and ‘dying’ was actually being born on a plane in which we are completely integrated in the light, without the density of the body ”.

Daniel Cipolat who was found dead and buried naked in the garden of his secretary’s house in Cancun, Mexico. (Newsflash)

In reality, however, he had been buried in a shallow grave in her back garden and she only admitted what had happened when Nicolas Cipolat, his son from a previous relationship got in touch with her and then travelled down to the country to demand answers.

He filed a complaint with the Quintana Roo State Attorney General’s Office (FGEQN), which conducted a search and found the body – “which was illegally buried in a garden, apparently by his sentimental partner”.

The discovery of the body just 25 centimetres (9.8 inches) under the earth quickly revealed that the death was allegedly not natural as there were signs of several injuries.

Daniel Cipolat who was found dead and buried naked in the garden of his secretary’s house in Cancun, Mexico. (Newsflash)

Police who until that point had treated it as a natural death based on the fact that the death certificate had been signed by doctor Francisco Mendiola Franco, who, according to his LinkedIn profile was the Municipal Health Director of Cancun.

Cipolat had a large online following and often gave lectures on spiritual and cosmic topics. In Cipolat’s Instagram profile with more than 21,000 followers he spoke about Quantum Vortex events and the existence of aliens we described as “members of the Galactic Confederation”.

After waiting for the results of an autopsy, the victim’s family’s lawyer Jesus Othon Baca Cacho announced: “As a result of the investigation, forensic experts of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Quintana Roo determined by necropsy that the cause of death of Mr Daniel Cipolat was caused by various injuries and not because of COVID-19.”

Post from the family of Daniel Cipolat, who was found dead and buried naked in the garden of his secretary’s house in Cancun, Mexico. (Newsflash)

The lawyer also accused Dr Francisco Mendiola Franco of falsely listing the victim’s death as ‘myocardial infarction due to angina pectoris’ on the death certificate, according to the news site La Voz.

Telam Karina, Cipolat’s ex-wife with whom he had two children, said: “The woman is still a fugitive and I think she has many contacts because the doctor who signed the first death certificate said the cause of death was ‘myocardial infarction due to angina pectoris’.

“Dr Mediola Franco should also be investigated for lying on the death certificate”.

Tweet about the investigation about the death of Daniel Cipolat. (Newsflash)

She added that the victim’s cause of death was due to “head trauma”.

Nicolas Cipolat shared a series of stories on Instagram in which he stated that his father “did not die from COVID-19 or from a heart attack” but instead “was killed”.

He added: “The autopsy showed he suffered multiple blows to the body, but it was one to the head that ended up killing him. The main suspect is Linda Uribe, my lawyer filed a complaint for qualified homicide, and the main accomplice is the doctor who made the first false certificate.”

Daniel Cipolat (front right) who was found dead and buried naked in the garden of his secretary’s house in Cancun, Mexico, in a photo surrounded by unidentified people. ( Newsflash)

The lawyer pointed out that the investigation is continuing and that “rulings are still pending to be carried out” to get to the bottom of Cipolat’s death.

It is not clear if the doctor who allegedly produced a fake death certificate has been arrested.

The search for Uribe continues.