GULL-IBLE TRAVAILS: Seagull Tries To Rip Out Man’s Tongue

This is the moment a man gets his comeuppance as he sticks out his tongue at a seagull, only for the bird to grab it with its beak and try to yank it off.

The Turkish restaurant worker had picked the seagull off the pavement and had started to taunt it to amuse a young lad standing next to him.

But a video shows how as soon as the man bares his tongue at the bird, it catches it in its razor-sharp beak, sending the boy and the person filming into hysterics.

The man can then be seen looking sheepish as he drops the seagull back onto the pavement and walks away, muttering under his breath.

A seagull bites a man’s tongue while he was mocking the bird in Turkey in an undated video. The man who was shocked following the incident released the bird and walked away. (CEN)

The clip delighted Turkish netizens, with ‘Fulbolcu Hilmi’ commenting: “Bro are you crazy? That’s a f*cking seagull, not a dove.”

‘Barbaros Yayla’, meanwhile, wrote: “You’re lucky to get your tongue bitten, man. It could have gouged your eyeball out.”

‘Cankurt Vatan’ remarked: “You shouldn’t have opened your mouth wide like that, it thought you were some kind of animal trying to eat it.”

And ‘Dp90h’ jibed: “Guy literally got upset with the seagull, lol.”