Grumpy Gorilla Spits At Zoo Goers

This is the moment a grumpy gorilla spits at zoo visitors.

The fed-up gorilla was filmed targeting zoo visitors at Wenzhou Zoo in the city of Wenzhou in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang with saliva on 16th October.

The footage was shared on the Chinese social network Douyin, also known as TikTok, where it has been widely viewed by users.

Gorilla spits on visitors in Wenzhou, China. (mm_LB/AsiaWire)

According to the news site Toutiao, Ms Huang, who filmed the spitting gorilla, was waiting by the enclosure for her companions when zoo visitors were suddenly sent running after being showered in ape saliva.

She added that she started filming the gorilla, the largest of the great apes, because she could tell it was about to do something, and that she found the incident amusing while considering the gorilla to be “naughty”.

In Ms Huang’s video, the gorilla is seen walking to a barred window overlooking the visitors section and apparently sending a shower of saliva onto several adults and children watching from below.

Gorilla spits on visitors in Wenzhou, China. (mm_LB/AsiaWire)

The zoo goers are sent fleeing with horrified looks on their faces after apparently being doused in ape spit.

Meanwhile, the cheeky gorilla drops down to the ground level and struts in front of the main window to watch the aftermath.

Douyin user ‘Gu Yue’ commented: “It must have thrown all its sh*t before!”

Gorilla spits on visitors in Wenzhou, China. (mm_LB/AsiaWire)

Netizen ‘Misty rain’ said: “Maybe its protesting for better conditions!”