Grumpy Cat Lookalike Rescued After Trapping Fur In Sofa

Story By: Kathryn Quinn, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

This unhappy Persian kitty – with a similar face to recently deceased Grumpy Cat – made no secret of its unhappiness after its fur was trapped in a sofa needing a rescue team to come free it.

According to reports, the cat called ‘MyLady’ suffered cuts and scrapes, fur loss and a broken tooth after biting a metal component while trapped under the reclining sofa.

The concerned owner immediately called an animal rescue team in the city of Munich in the southern German state of Bavaria, telling them: “Please come quickly, my cat is stuck under the couch. It looks as though he is trapped in the metal parts and is bleeding and scared.”

Pictures Credit: CEN/Tierrettung Munchen & CEN/Tierrettung

The poor cat’s high-pitched meows were reportedly audible over the phone and rescuers rushed to the house.

One team member said that the cat’s front paws and face were visible under the sofa, adding: “Its eyes were huge as it was so terrified, while its pretty fur was covered in blood around its neck.”

According to reports, a vet sedated the spooked cat so that rescuers could carefully tilt the sofa and release it from between two metal arms.

The team member explained: “The rescue attempt was carried out with extreme care and precision, and fortunately it was a success.

“The Persian cat had a lucky escape as no ribs or internal organs were affected.”

Meanwhile, the vet checked over ‘Mylady’ and confirmed that it had only suffered minor injuries, fur loss and a broken tooth.