Grumpy Cat Covers Its Ears To Try To Drown Out Snoring Owner

This is the hilarious moment a cat is filmed trying to sleep with its paws over its ears because of the loud snoring being made by a man on a sofa.

The hilarious video was shot at a property in Fuzhou, which is the capital and one of the largest cities in China’s Fujian province, in the south-eastern coast.

The man had been kicked out of his bedroom because he was making so much noise ,he was waking up the rest of the family and so he went to lie on the sofa where he quickly went back to sleep again – and started snoring again.

Cat sleeps with ears covered as man snores loudly in Fuzhou, China. (383622216/AsiaWire)

The man’s daughter decided to take a video to show him later how loud he was, when she realised that the cat had covered its ears with its paws to try and drown out the loud snoring.

The hilarious video was then posted online where it was widely shared on Chinese social media proving that not only human beings but also cats do not like people snoring.

The daughter reportedly said her dad did not always snore so loudly but was having a bad day, which is why he moved to the sofa and she knew he would not believe her so she had planned to film him to show him the next day.