Groom On Bonnet Hit With Stick In Wedding Day Prank

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment – seen over two million times – a groom clings to the front of his friend’s van as another mate hits him with a stick during a bizarre prank on his wedding day.

The video shot by a passing driver on the streets of Yangxin, a county in East China’s Shandong Province, shows husband-to-be Mr Cheng, 25, holding the front of the van as his two friends whisk him away from his wife.

Wedding games are especially common in rural China, where the would-be husband is expected to pass a series of tests and obstacles in order to earn the right to wed his wife.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

The games often turn into cruel pranks, with Mr Cheng, becoming the butt of the joke as his friends Mr Mao and Mr Wang, 25 and 23, drive him away in front of the vehicle.

The footage shows the van driven by Mr Mao speeding along the road as Mr Wang climbs out the passenger-side window and hits the groom with a wooden stick.

The short clip ends with smiles all round, but Yangxin County police announced the trio had been summoned for the stunt on 4th October.

Van driver Mr Mao was fined 50 RMB (5 GBP) and docked two points from his licence for dangerous driving, while Mr Wang was also fined 50 RMB for climbing out the vehicle.

Mr Cheng escaped punishment and was let off with a verbal warning.

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