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Greece Uses Sound Cannons To Stop Migrants Crossing

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Joe Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

Greece has reportedly started using two sound cannons to stop illegal immigrants crossing into Europe.

Originally developed for long-range communications, its high decibel capacity has led to it being used as a weapon for crowd control.

The Greek plan is to use them to disorientate and drive away crowds that might try to either storm a land border, or come ashore by boat.


The devices are already also used on airports to keep wildlife away and also at wind and solar farms, nuclear power facilities and gas and oil platforms but their usage on people in crowds is more controversial.

The LRAD devices ordered, also known as sound cannons and sonic weapons, can be used on land or mounted on vehicles.

The devices have been set up in the Greek province of Alexandroupolis alongside the Evros river (Known as the Maritsa river in Bulgaria) where the can emit powerful sound waves which can cause pain and shock to the human body.


Meanwhile, additional border guards have been sent to the area with the use of four drones and 15 thermal cameras to help them detect migrant night crossings.

The guards also have 10 armoured vehicles and five dinghies to help defend the border region.

Due to the increased number of migrants crossing into Greece from Turkey in their attempts to enter Europe, the Greek authorities have taken extensive precautions since February and even closed the Kastanies border with Turkey’s Pazarkule checkpoint.


Greek forces even dug a trench at the border point opposite Pazarkule and increased the number of guards.

In March, security forces set up extensive barbed wire fences at Kastanies on the banks of the Maritsa River.

However, despite the precautions, thousands of immigrants continue to cross the river by boats to enter into Europe.

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