Grandparents Create Image Of Missing Child 14 Yrs Later

Story By: Lisa-Maria Goertz, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

The grandparents of a missing boy who vanished aged 2 who still hold out hope of finding him have made a virtual image showing what he would look like 14 years later.

Felix Heger went missing after he was picked up by his estranged dad from his mum the municipality of Oftersheim, in the southwestern German state of Baden-Wurttemberg.

The dad was later found dead in a staged suicide, when in fact he had died from a fall from a height.


A virtual picture created online with modern technology shows how Felix would look now at the age of 17.

Felix’s grandfather, 85-year-old Johann Schmitz, says they are still looking for him to this day.

He told the Berlin Kurier: “We are convinced: The child lives somewhere. There are so many inconsistencies.”


Johann recalls the day Felix went missing on January 6th, 2006, when his daughter’s ex-husband picked him up for a “dad’s weekend”.

Shortly before that, Felix had spoken on the phone to his grandfather, saying: “Grandpa, come and get me, I don’t want to see my papa today.”

Johann says he has never been able to overcome the fact that he encouraged the crying child to go with his father.

He said: “We were such a happy family.”


According to Johann’s account, the child and father went missing since that weekend and the body of the father of Felix was found on February 26 in the Black Forest.

There has never been any trace of Felix since then, and he was assumed dead by the Baden-Baden public prosecutor, which discontinued the proceedings in November 2014.

The investigators reportedly found the body of Felix’s father with a farewell letter, empty liquor bottles and a pack of sleeping pills and the investigators assumed that the father first killed the child and then took his own life.

However, the autopsy showed that the father had no alcohol in his blood before he died and the cause of death was found to be a severe chest and lung injuries from a fall.

Hassan Ugail, University of Bradford, UK/Newsflash

At the time the family lawyer, Alexander Moser, said that everything pointed to the father being killed and the act portrayed as a suicide.

As for Felix, he says: “There is not the slightest evidence that Felix was physically harmed.”

The grandparents of the child say they have never given up hope that Felix is alive and recently had a virtual picture made of what he would look like now in the hope that one day they will find him.

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