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Granddad Murdered In Front Of His Wife For Less Than GBP 8

Story By: Les Steed, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A 60-year-old grandfather has been murdered in front of his new wife for less than GBP 8 during a robbery in South Africa.

Len Pretorius was attending a friends’ weekend birthday getaway with his new wife Joey, 52, at the remote Bush Boys Camp in Tonteldoos in the South African province of Limpopo on 27th November.

His distraught widow told South African media: “I can’t comprehend that they killed my husband for ZAR 150 (GBP 7.4).”


The couple, who had been married for just eight months after tying the knot before lockdown, had gone back to their chalet after a meal in the nearby dining area.

According to Mrs Pretorius, the couple was watching TV and getting ready to shower when three men appeared at their window.

She said: “My husband opened the curtain and there was a man pointing a gun at us.


“My husband took a suitcase and banged it against the window to try to chase them away.

“I ran to the door and I saw it was locked. When I turned around, my husband sort of got caught up in the curtain.”

The gunman shot the grandfather and the gang then entered the premises.


Mrs Pretorius said: “My husband turned around, walked towards me and collapsed.”

As Mrs Pretorius struggled to save her husband, the men broke in and demanded money.

She said: “A guy came and hit me on my head and spoke closely to my ears and asked ‘where is your money?’ I grabbed my wallet and gave him what I had. I think it was ZAR 150.”


The attackers then raided the couple’s car for their bags and took their wallets and Mrs Pretorius’ handbag.

She also said that she had received an anonymous phone call from a man demanding money earlier in the week.

Mr Pretorius, who worked as an agent at a fresh produce market, was described by his widow as “a beautiful person… who would go out of his way to make life better for someone else”.


Police have launched an investigation, however, have not yet identified or arrested any suspects to date.

They are appealing for witnesses and further information.

The victim leaves behind three children and six grandchildren.

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