Gran Canaria Thugs Pay Homeless Man 4 GBP To Beat Him Up

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Video Credit:CEN

This is the moment a homeless man in Gran Canaria is brutally beaten and crashes to the ground knocked out after heartless thugs offered the desperate man 4 GBP to attack him.

The Spanish Civil Guard have launched an investigation into the incident which reportedly took place in the city centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the southwestern Spanish region of the Canary Islands and was recorded on a mobile phone.

In the video, a 34-year-old man, reportedly homeless and named Pedrito, can be seen smiling when he is slapped. The man is knocked and falls back onto a bench before crashing to the ground.

Picture Credit:CEN

According to local media, the aggressors offered him 5 EUR (4.27 GBP) to slap him and the victim told Radiotelevision Publica Canaria (RTVC) “the paid me”.

He added: “I lost consciousness, memory and that is all. Then I woke up and I did not remember anything.”

He said he would not report the aggressors because “I accepted five euros to be slapped”.

The Spanish Civil Guard has launched an investigation and has asked citizens to help identify the aggressors. The National Police in Gran Canaria is also investigating the case which reportedly occurred some weeks ago but has only just surfaced in local media.

Netizen ‘YaNoMolasNada’ commented: “It would be nice if they are caught, and it would be even better if they pay for their acts and not only spending one night in the cell, laughing at the judge and the justice system while the aggression is free.”

No arrests have been reported.

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