Gorgeous Georgian Compared To Kendall Jenner And Angie

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

This gorgeous Georgian makeup artist is melting the internet with her beautiful features and big eyes that have led her to be compared with both Kendall Jenner and Angelina Jolie.

Milena Rasaliya, 25, has quickly amassed a large following of 230,000 on Instagram thanks to her work as a makeup artist and budding photographer.

Also acting as the model in her images, Rasaliya has captivated netizens across the globe with her features and big eyes.


The gorgeous Georgian apparently has the smarts to go with her spellbinding looks as she obtained a law degree in the Russian capital Moscow, according to local media.

Since leaving law school, Rasaliya has started a career as a makeup artist, taking her own photos and posing as a model.

Despite boasting an hourglass figure, Rasaliya’s images mainly focus on her captivating facial features.


Some trolls accused the makeup artist of having lots of plastic surgery, however, she admitted that she has only gone under the knife once.

Rasaliya said she had a nose job to get rid of a “small bump”.

The beautiful makeup artist said that her background is 50 percent Georgian, 25 percent Russian and 25 percent Polish.


She admits that she does not like to share too much about her private life on social media, but mentioned that she is happily married.

She also said that she likes to dance and sing and learn foreign languages in her free time.

Netizen ‘Victoriaustyuzhanina’ said: “The most identical to Angelina [Jolie] of them all!”

‘Bessonowa’ wrote: “Oh my God, I think she’s even better than Jolie!”

‘Pearlieee’ said: “Rihanna, is that you?”

‘Happiness07Vgxdcv’ wrote: “You like like Kendall Jenner here.”

‘TatianaUrubkova’ commented: “You are so pretty. Your lashes, your makeup, you look amazing!”

‘Laatiie’ remarked: “You are like a doll.”

‘Laaa8’ said: “What a gorgeous woman you are.”

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