Google Street View Driver Snapped Asking For Directions

Story By: Juan Fenandez Mayes,  Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

This is the moment a Google Street View car driver gets lost and photographs himself asking a woman for directions with the image then ending up on Google maps.

The driver had apparently got lost when his cell phone lost its signal in a remote region and he had to ask a local for directions.

But the image of the woman clearly pointing out where he was was uploaded to Google Street View and has been causing amusement among netizens.


The snap was shared by a person using the Google Street View technology feature from Google Maps to virtually walk in the small town of Carbajales de la Encomienda in the Zamora province, located in the Spanish autonomous community of Castile and Leon, on 9th October.

Netizen ‘javiergmart’ shared the screen capture of a local townswoman giving the Google Maps driver directions, which he captioned: “A lot of Maps and Street View, but even the guy at Google turns to a local when they get lost.

“I and at the scene in the town of Zamora, and I’m pretty sure he lost his coverage.”

Google Maps/Newsflash

The picture shows a woman wearing clothing that indicates she is possibly employed in a nursery or kindergarten looking after young children.

She points in a direction down the road,and appears to be speaking to someone positioned under the camera from which the picture was taken.

Several netizens commented on the funny snap with ‘Alfondodeltodo’ saying: “This deserves a prize for photography, at least.”

Google Maps/Newsflash

‘Ferrandisco1’ said: “She is actually telling him, in a nice manner, to leave from where he came.”

‘kikexxi’ wrote: “Maybe he had to squeeze one out or it was lunchtime. He was asking for recommendations.”

According to a Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE) report in 2016, Carbajales de la Encomienda only has 27 inhabitants.

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