GOAT ME THERE: Thief Goat Caught After Two-Week Pursuit

A goat that was suspected of stealing grain and “smuggling goat milk on outgoing trains” was finally caught after weeks of evading officers.

Rescuers from Lincoln Animal Control finally caught up with their main suspect after chasing around the loose goat for more than two weeks around Lincoln, the capital city of Nebraska, USA.

In a video obtained by Newsflash, the rescuers – referred to as the “Goat Interdiction Taskforce” – can be seen failing in their multiple attempts to wrangle the speedy runner.

The goat takes the ‘Taskforce’ on a wild hunt across hard-to-reach areas and brazenly taunts the officers from atop a bridge and across rail tracks.

Loose goat standing on a bridge in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA in undated photo. The goat was caught by Lincoln Animal Control rescuers after weeks of failed attempts and taken to the CHS. (Lincoln Animal Control/Newsflash)

But after “weeks of investigation”, “the G.I.T. was successful in capturing its main suspect,” the Lincoln Animal Control said.

Afterwards, the goat was taken to the Capital Humane Society, where it was safely ‘detained’ and “awaiting claim”, Lincoln Animal Control added.